Down below is a list of interviews I have done on podcasts.


New Baby Who Dis

Here I talk with Paul and Anthony about the journey of parenthood and what it brings. We discuss various topics of supporting our children and supporting our spouse with parenting among other topics.

You can access the link to the interview here.


The Gamerhood Podcast

Here I discuss with Michael about the creation of Supportive Fathers and how to help and inspire dads

Additionally, we talk about our inspiration for creating our channels, about gender stereotypes for kids and the negative wrap that gaming gets even though dedicating a day to sports or binge watching shows is encouraged.

You can access the link to the interview here.


Fathers Fyre

Here I am interviewed by Jody Sedrick of the Fathers Fyre Podcast. We discuss different topics like the importance of finding a daycare facility that is a good fit, separating work from home, and taking on the mental load of the mother of our children. You can find the interview here.


The Father’s Table Podcast

Here I am interviewed by Keith Ellerbe of the The Father’s Table Podcast. We discuss how parents can initially miss the mark but redeem themselves later. We also discuss what it means to be a father and other fatherhood topics. Link to the interview are on these platforms.


Joyfull Parenting

Here I am interviewed by Kris Hughes of the Joyfull Parenting Podcast where we speak about the importance of dads not avoiding taboo topics and encouraging men that self care is critical for dads and moms. Link to the interview is here.


New Dad Newer Dad

Here I am interviewed by Eric and Dustin from the New Dad Newer Dad podcast. We talked about ways on how to help our children who will face adversity, race related issues in our country, Erie, PA and more! Link to the interview is here.


Dancing Into Parenthood

Here I am interviewed by Dr. Divina Lopez of the Dancing into Parenthood podcast. We discuss the importance of the role of fathers and how fathers can no longer take a backseat. You can catch the podcast on these platforms


Carseats & Coffee

Here I am interviewed by Thomas McMinn of the Carseats & Coffee podcast. We discuss ways we can help fathers build their children’s confidence and the importance of self-care. Link to the interview is provided here.